South By Scooter Screens at the Adelaide Kids Film Festival

official selection adelaide kids ff.png

Last Thursday I joined a sold-out audience of Primary School students at Adelaide Studios for a screening of South By Scooter at the third Adelaide Kids Film Festival.

AKFF was the first festival appearance by South By Scooter. Needless to say the whole experience was a lot of fun. Watching an audience of children enjoy my film was truly fantastic feedback.

The big unknown for me going into the festival was whether or not the kids would find the film funny, and whether it would be able to sustain their attention. I wondered if they might lose interest, especially during the more contemplative sequences such as 'Alone'. So I was absolutely thrilled to see the snowstorm and penguin sequences receive a big laugh, and to see the audience were genuinely engaged by the film!

It really was a treat seeing South By Scooter screened at AKFF. Hopefully this is just the beginning of South By Scooter's festival run!