melbourne fringe festival

Opening This Friday: Bondsong.


Anybody who knows me knows that I love James Bond.  So when Alister Karl asked me to join him and a band of other double-ohs in creating Bond inspired work for the Melbourne Fringe Festival naturally I donned my yellow and red gear and ski'd off a cliff with excitement.

The show, titled Bondsong opens this Friday at Brunswick Arts. Each artist was asked to chose a Bond-esque song and imagine a Bond film to go with it. I chose Cat People by Moroder/Bowie and have made a few fun new props for my dream film - which sees the return of George Lazenby to the role. 

On Her Majesty's Secret Service this time around we have Genevieve Piko, The Chaotic Order, Alister Karl, Max Piantoni, Monique Barnett, Ive Sorocuk, The Dark Carnival Dolls & Jenna Corcoran and Jamie Rawls. Truly A View To A Kill!!


  • Opening 27th September 6 to 9pm
  • Running 28th September to 6th October
  • Open 2 - 6  Thursday & Friday
  • Open 12 - 5 Saturday & Sunday
  • At Brunswick Arts Space
  • 2a Little Bresse St Brunswick

I hope to see you there! In the meantime, let's sit back and enjoy the best Bond Song of them all: