Announcing My New Film: South By Scooter


For almost six months I have been quietly working away on something new. South By Scooter - my first short film - is by far the biggest and most surprising adventure I have undertaken yet.

I am very excited to announce that the film will be premiering in Melbourne and online in August!

South By Scooter documents my world-first attempt to reach the South Pole on a kick scooter. Alone on the ice with only basic provisions and a state-of-the-art plastic scooter, join me as I encounter a series of increasingly stunning situations and put one foot before the other in a relentless pursuit of my prize.

As with all my work. I hope the fun I have had making South By Scooter translates into fun for you as you watch it.

I'll be announcing more details as the August release approaches, including the location and date for the Melbourne premiere and how you will be able to see the film online! 

So excited.