Notes From An Abandoned Project: Project Crab

A couple of months ago I started walking down the path to a collaborative project about a Crab. Unfortunately the project didn't make it out of the very early stages of exploration, but a few good ideas came up. Here are some early pages of that exploration. Apparently Leonardo Da Vinci used to write backwards so people couldn't steal his ideas about corkscrew flying machines, similarly, I write in an illegible scrawl that only I can understand. And draw with pictures that only vaguely resemble ideas I had at the library. Sorry.

Top Secret! Diagram for a key costume/character detail. Click to enlarge.

Here's a hastily sketched storyboard for the first chapter of the project. In this scene the protagonist crab is hilariously born into a world that doesn't quite suit him… Click to enlarge.

A very early concept sketch for the protagonist crab's costume. The costume wouldn't have ended up much like. There was a lot more exploration to go before I could arrive at a final design. Click to enlarge.