Coming Up: The Descent of the Dodo: Part One.


Max D. Piantoni returns with the first of a three part series that chronicles the legendary disappearance of the Dodo. Until now this beautiful but elusive bird has avoided the camera’s grasp. Witness the first definitive account of the life and times of the Dodo and watch as they endeavour to return to the skies from which they came.

Shortly after our first contact with the Dodo they disappeared, but they did not go where you think…

You’re invited to join the artist and friends on September 15th for the opening - An exciting evening of art and adventure.

Artist Talk to be announced.


These new pictures are appearing in the show ‘Untitled’ which also includes work by artists Lisa Cianci and Melissa Matveyeff

Obscura Gallery:

First Floor 285 Carlisle St East St Kilda 

Opens Thursday September 15th

Closes 8th October

Open Tues-Fri 12pm -6pm

Saturday 2pm-5pm

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