A little on what I do

For me photography is a way of making my wildest dreams come true. I am an ‘Adventure Photographer’. I set out to explore. The pictures and videos I create are documents of all that I encounter throughout my escapades.

I employ a combination of hands on techniques and photography in the creation of my work. I try to find a sweet spot between constructed imagery, and spontaneity. One that lets me convincingly escape into an alternate reality of my own creation. I often create these worlds using crude and improvised materials, such as felt or household items, that form an approximate impression of something whilst allowing the imagination of the viewer to fill in the gaps.

If I am present in the image it serves a dual purpose; simultaneously allowing me to live out a fantasy, and (in a similar role to the humbled inhabitants of romantic paintings) provide a clear entry point into the world of the image for the viewer.

I passionately believe that art should be fun.