Four Prototypes From 2015

In the second half of last year I began to learn to program and create interactive work. This move has been a long time coming for me, and I've found it extremely satisfying so far. I've posted some of my completed projects in the project pages already, but I wanted to document some of the experiments and prototypes that I'm either still working on or didn't end up finishing. So here are four prototypes that I put together in the last six months of 2015:

Sheep Storm

An early experimental prototype for my work in progress sheep-centric-weather-anomaly simulator 'Sheep Storm'.

Plane Plain

A figure/ground experiment.

Wooly Work


Recently I've been working on creating an approachable and fun 3D construction tool using the Unity 3D engine. In this video I demonstrate the functionality of the tool and potential applications of the 3D models built within it.