Launched: NiTRO A New Publication By The DDCA and ME!


Throughout 2016 I have been working hard to develop NiTRO - a new publication and platform for views and news in the tertiary creative arts community by The Australian Council Of Deans And Directors Of Creative Arts. It is with great excitement that NiTRO and the new DDCA web presence launch today. I encourage you to take a look!

I have worked with a small but excellent team at the DDCA to bring this all together; Su Baker the DDCA president, Jenny Wilson our editor and Kay Morrissey. My role has been technical, designing and building the publication from the ground up. 

There were a lot of interesting design problems to solve in the creation of the platform, it has been an extremely satisfying process!

Four Prototypes From 2015

In the second half of last year I began to learn to program and create interactive work. This move has been a long time coming for me, and I've found it extremely satisfying so far. I've posted some of my completed projects in the project pages already, but I wanted to document some of the experiments and prototypes that I'm either still working on or didn't end up finishing. So here are four prototypes that I put together in the last six months of 2015:

Sheep Storm

An early experimental prototype for my work in progress sheep-centric-weather-anomaly simulator 'Sheep Storm'.

Plane Plain

A figure/ground experiment.

Wooly Work


Recently I've been working on creating an approachable and fun 3D construction tool using the Unity 3D engine. In this video I demonstrate the functionality of the tool and potential applications of the 3D models built within it.

Work In Progress: An Approachable 3D Modelling Tool.


Over the last little while I've been developing an approachable 3D construction tool. My aim is to make a modelling tool that is really fun and easy to use. The above video demonstrates what I've come up with so far.

The software has a bunch of cool features, and the models you create in it can be exported for use in other tools that take 3D models, so you could 3D print them or use them in a game for example.

There's still a lot of work to go. The user interface is nowhere near final, there are many features that I would like to add (whilst maintaining the focus on simplicity), and I'm planning to shift development to focus on touch input, specifically iOS. That said, I'm very happy with the progress so far. 

Be A God With CreatorWorks - The Ultimate in WYSIWYG Computer Aided Genesis

I'm very excited to announce the launch of Max Piantoni's CreatorWorks For workgroups LE v1.7 (Beta).

CreatorWorks For Workgroups LE v1.7 (beta)  is the ultimate in WYSIWYG computer aided genesis. An early version of CreatorWorks similar to the one available here was likely used by God to craft this planet earth. Without the ease-of-use and streamlined workflow provided by CreatorWorks' all powerful suite of tools, it would have been impossible for even the most efficient wizard to produce the earth in the allotted seven days. 

Features such as The Hand Of God Tool, The Molecule Maker 2.1 Suite, The Let There Be Light Tool and advanced seven-day timetabling make CreatorWorks the only choice for discerning deities. Why not take the free trial for a spin right now?